The Fold reviewed by Katherine Ylitalo

Photograph courtesy of Brad Hays

Photograph courtesy of Brad Hays

From “Work of Art: The Fold by Adad Hannah” in Avenue Magazine Calgary:

Two pleated walls flank the pedestrian path that crosses the plaza of Quarry Park Recreation Centre. On each side, 12 upright sheets of rust-coloured steel are welded in pairs in a sequence of folds. They mirror each other, their rims descending from monumental stature at the outer edges to playhouse height, defining crisp, diagonal zigzags.

From a distance, the broad gesture of the form suggests the cross-section of a wide valley, an abstraction of the Bow River landscape, perhaps. Up close, the screens conjure urban living spaces within the folds. Like a giant accordion pop-up book, the sculpture sets the scene for a narrative, from childhood play to adult rest. Geometric perforations and minimal add-ons propose interior and exterior architecture.

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Adad Hannah