Adad Hannah featured in the 10th edition of Montreal's Festival Art Souterrain


The 10th edition of the Festival Art Souterrain invites a broad audience to discover contemporary art in the context of its annual event, presented over the seven buildings that make up its underground pedestrian network, in addition to nine satellite cultural venues in Montreal (Québec, Canada).

The 2018 edition hones in on the theme Labor Improbus launched on March 3, as part of the Nuit Blanche in Montreal, will run until March 25. The festival presents some 98 projects by 94 visual artists Québec, Canadian and international artists and collectives selected by Frédéric Loury, principal curator and artistic director, as well as Pascale Beaudet and Emeline Rosendo, guest curators.

Among the artists featured are: (from Québec) Sébastien ClicheMoridja Kitenge BanzaMarc-Antoine K. PhaneufNelson HenricksKarine Giboulo, Jannick Deslauriers, Patrick Bérubé; (from Canada) Carole Condé and Karl BeveridgeAdad Hannah, Johannes Zits; (from Italy) Paolo Patrizi; (from Great Britain)  Martin Parr; (from France)  Julien PrévieuxRaphaël DallaportaNøne Futbol Club; (from Cuba) Adrian Melis; (from Mexico) Alejandro Cartagena, Dulce Pinzón; (from Netherlands) Jan Banning; (from Germany) Antje Ehmann and Harun Farocki; (from USA) John Pilson; (from Finland) Pilvi Takala; (from Sweden) Johan Bävman.    

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