Age of Bronze


Age of Bronze is a series of three videos from the Stills series (a series that I refer to as my real-time video recorded tableaux vivants). It is composed of Break (with Iris), Untitled (Age of Bronze), and Security Passing. These pieces were produced in 2004 at the National Gallery of Canada. For this series I used people who work in the gallery as my models, in this case a museum security guard and Diana Nemiroff, Curator of Modern Art at that time. Because the videos are arranged in a chronological series of three, they take on a more narrative feeling than they might if they were shown individually. I wanted to have two things happen in this series: I wanted to clearly show a woman looking somewhat disdainfully at a nude male form (in a clear reversal of the standard male gaze throughout much of art history), and I wanted to present a subtle examination of employment hierarchies that exist within art institutions.

- Adad Hannah


Untitled (Age of Bronze)
2004, SD video, 3 min 45s. Edition of 5


Break (with Iris)
2004, SD video, 1 min 28s. Edition of 5


Security Passing
2004, SD video, 2 min 11s. Edition of 5


This project has been presented in the following exhibitions:

2007, Adad Hannah: Recast and Reshoot, Mois de la Photo, Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery, Montréal.
          Curated by Marie Fraser.
2004, Regarder, Observer, Surveiller, Séquence, Chicoutimi. Curated by Nicole Gingras.