Family Stills


Dinner in Florida
2002, SD video, 2 min 34s. Edition of 5


Murray and Beverly
2002, SD video, 2 min 46s. Edition of 5


Ohio on the Beach
2002, SD video, 3 min 17s. Edition of 5


Abuji (Father)
2004, SD video, 2 min 14s. Edition of 5


2004, SD video, 5 min 17s. Edition of 5


Otter on the Car
2004, SD video, 5 min 50s. Edition of 5


Emoh and Emohbu
2004, SD video, 3 min 28s. Edition of 5


Ikon presents Stills by Canadian artist Adad Hannah. A selection of intriguing video pieces which depict various scenarios in which we see figures motionless, holding positions like actors in historical tableaux vivants (living pictures). The artist creates poignant scenes in which narrative, personality and social relationships are explored. Each piece at Ikon consists of a continuous videotaping of individuals in circumstances of everyday life. Their fixed moments open into an expanded sense of time in which action is frozen but subtleties are exaggerated such as a finger twitch, a swaying torso and the blink of an eye. Abuji and Cheezies are vignettes of domestic life from his Family Stills series. In these, members of Hannah’s extended family feature as models and thereby the artist touches on the institution of the most common genre of photography – the family snapshot.


This project has been presented in the following exhibitions:

2006, Empieza Eljuejo, Casa Encendida, Madrid.
2006, Empieza Eljuejo, Casa Madrid, Zaragoza.
2006, Adad Hannah: Stills Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK.