Seeking Beyond the Surface 2012 03 26

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All is Vanity is included in the exhibition Seeking Beyond the Surface: Reflecting, Distorting, Mirroring at Art Exchange, University of Essex.

26/04/2012 - 24/05/2012

Hans Breder
Joan Jonas
Oscar Muñoz
Adad Hannah
Elina Brotherus

Art Exchange is pleased to present Seeking Beyond the Surface, a new exhibition exploring reflections, distortions and unusual mirroring in the work of five international contemporary artists. The artists use a range of different reflective surfaces to represent a reality that is not the empirical one, but a new world made of reflections and distortions.

Seeking Beyond the Surface attempts to show how art hunts for different layers of a deeper truth beyond the surface of reality and external appearances. The exhibition also explores on preoccupation with identity, social theories, psychological issues and self-exploration.

The exhibition will present examples of how the contemporary art world approaches the slippery territory of perception and definition of the self. It engages with a prolific and divers sphere of art products that deals with different modern concerns, such as social and racial issues, feminist concerns and the contemporary preoccupation with self-enhancement and self-contempt of the body and the self.

The main focus of the display will be on the human figure and its reflection. Each work will offer different ways to explore the subject matter, but all of them will present a dynamic representation of the human presence, made inconsistent and hard to grasp by the reflecting surface itself.

This exhibition is curated by Isadora Liquori, Pei-Hsin Chiang, Chih-Chi Wang and Min-Huei Tsai, current students on the MA Gallery Studies and Critical Curating programme which is run by the Centre for Curatorial Studies.