Loop 07 International Video Art Fair 2007 05 31

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Loop 07 International Video Art Fair

Barcelona, Spain
Solo presented by PFOAC, Montreal.

May 31 - June 2, 2007

Pierre-Fran├žois Ouelllette Art Contemporain (Montreal) is delighted to premiere on May 31st at LOOP video art fair (Barcelona) a new video by Adad Hannah entitled The Burghers of Seoul (2006-2007, 9 mn, edition of 7).

The Burghers of Seoul is a study and a reconstruction of The Burghers of Calais, Rodin’s late 19 th Century monument to the French heroes of 1347 who surrendered to the British in order to save the city of Calais. While the first cast of this seminal sculpture sits in front of City Hall in Calais, the other casts are spread around the world. The cast the artist used is the 12 th and final one, located in Seoul, South Korea.

Using six of Seoul’s Quick Service couriers he reconstructed the sculpture and then shot it in video using a circular track and dolly. The resulting video is a study of sculpture as life and life as sculpture.

More info on the fair here