In Between Frames 2011 06 09

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In Between Frames at Muzeul National de Arta Contemporana, Bucharest, Romania

09/06/2011 - 28/08/2011

Jason Arsenault
Perry Bard
Rozalinda Borcila
Jerome Delapierre
Adad Hannah
Bettina Hoffmann
Anetta Mona Chi┼ča and Lucia Tkacova

Curated by Horea Avram and Marius Tanasescu.

In Between Frames brings together seven video and interactive media projects by acclaimed artists from Canada, USA and Europe. The exhibition proposes a different path for creative and critical reflection concerning the instability of the visual regime of the video medium and the changeable nature of the conceptual models (or frames) in contemporary culture and society. In this sense, In Between Frames aims to explore the interstice-that controversial median zone between established conceptual and mediatic frames-in works focusing on such issues as cultural hybridization, broken relational spaces, dissolution of the narrative, critique of representation and political borderlessness.